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The Estrella is a page dedicated to the fantasy book, by Sisi Kirkwood which chronicles the story of Alex and Electra in their struggle against the Demon, Moredus who threatens to start a war with the heavens and use Earth as the battle ground. Alex must find Electra and recover the artefacts stolen from the Sanctuary. Electra , his partner and lover has been abducted. She faces change and struggles of her own as she learns of her birth right and her origins. What she discovers changes her fate and the fate of the world forever.
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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Electra - a woman not defined by scars

I have thought on what similarities if any do I share with Electra, my female protagonist in my book The Estrella. I see Electra as a woman in a state of flux. Changing from one form to another. Testing her metal in the fire, being thrust from one world she thought she knew, into another she has to run to catch up to. I don't quite identify with the dramatic nature of her struggles, I do however identify with her metamorphosis. The catalyst for irrevocable change can be small or monumental, their outcomes are the same. The seed for growth is planted. It need only be fostered. I feel that deeply as I'm sure many women do in life. I'm a woman who believes in wrestling the positive from the negative. Something however small can be gleaned from the struggles one faces in life. Electra found herself changed physically and spiritually by a situation beyond her control. The first instinct is usually fold up and give up. Instead Electra changes the events around her, bends it to her will. Turns a no into a yes. She's not much on boundaries and people saying she can't do something. I'm all about that! If you can project that "will" far, you surprise yourself with what can be achieved. Electra isn't defined by her scars. She uses the hurt to facilitate change so deep in her core that Electra that she thought she was exists no longer. She ceases to be the prey and becomes the predator. She doesn't become the predator as a reaction to her circumstance. The circumstance becomes irrelevant. All that is relevant is the acceptance of her true nature. Who Electra truly needs to be regardless of ego or external stimulus. Although I didn't mean to identify with that, I still do. I hope that many women faced with adversity would feel the same way. The desire to rise above and bend that situation to their will. Find their inner divinity and effect positive change. That would be perfect.

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