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The Estrella is a page dedicated to the fantasy book, by Sisi Kirkwood which chronicles the story of Alex and Electra in their struggle against the Demon, Moredus who threatens to start a war with the heavens and use Earth as the battle ground. Alex must find Electra and recover the artefacts stolen from the Sanctuary. Electra , his partner and lover has been abducted. She faces change and struggles of her own as she learns of her birth right and her origins. What she discovers changes her fate and the fate of the world forever.
The Estrella, a book by Sisi Kirkwood can be purchased as an ebook from

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Estrella: We have Gone Live On!!!

The Estrella: We have Gone Live On!!!: Hi there, the time has finally arrived! We are live on! You can purchase your copy of the book The Estrella at smashwords.c...

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