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Thursday, 31 January 2013


This is off topic, but I want to talk about victimization. Well i suppose, its not about vampires werewolves and faeries. Theres no angels in this post.(amazingly) Not many people know this about me but i am a wife and a mum of four kids. One of whom is having trouble at school. It's funny because I thought his first day of highschool went really well. I truly believed that he was going to make a good start at a new school, first year of highschool and all. Today I found out he was threatened by a student to punch him to the ground and stick his head in a toilet. Charming. This boy was an older boy two years ahead of him and the brother of one of my sons friends..

My husband and I live on the same street as the kids mother, so he saw her standing out the front of the house and decided to say something, maybe trying to circumvent further trouble, maybe she would be able to have a word with the kid. She said oh dear, how terrible, she'd talk to him, she also said well your son isnt really friends with my son and his brother, he is annoying them all the time really and wont leave them alone. she basically said whilst its not on that her son threatens my son, hes just trying to stick up for his brother and that my son was actually the problem. Okay. My son gets threatened with violence and hes to blame? Really is that the take she has on it? So its bad but not so bad cos my kid was asking for it? Being so annoying. That's such a crock of shit. Im flabbergasted that she even bothered to come back up to the house to tell us. BTW it didnt happen the way you say, It's all your sons fault. I think its lucky I didnt sic my attack baby onto her to drool all over her smug face. I already tried to talk to her in the past because ....Oh I forgot to mention, Her big thug of a child has a history of bullying my son in grade school. Awesome. So we went to the only highchool in the area that was a 7 to 12 school, all the grades, and we're stuck with the BULLY. It was the bully's first day at school today, so as you can see he wasted no time in fitting the stereotype as a class A Bully.

 My son has special needs, he had behavioural problems, ADHD, Oppositional defiance disorder and multi focal tic disorder. He has his challenges, dont get me wrong, HE IS NO ANGEL. I have no illusions that he can be really hard to be around at times. But to resort to violence and threats against a 12 year old by a 14 yr old, well, the older kid certainly has his own issues. especially if  this seems to be his Modus Operandi. My kid has special needs, he didnt ask to be this way and life is a struggle for everyone. So if you dont want to be his friend, fine. But dont hang around him or seek him out to get crappy with him for being too chatty or over the top. My kid is the patron Saint of Over the top. But he has a good heart and tries hard to make friends. So if you dont want to be there I understand, but have the balls to say it to his face, not serve him up to your big brother to frighten him and make his school life hell. VICTIMIZATION. It's appalling. Im off to the school to make a formal complaint cos excuse me if the mother didnt fill me with hope that she'd effect any change at all. That is all.

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